57 St. Mark’s Pl

Archive in the Museum of Modern Art

Opened Feburary 8, 1978 6:57PM - Closed February 1,  1983

Stanley Strychacki, NYC

The book "Life As Art, The Club 57 Story" is not perfect, and is short. I apologize if I didn't write about you. If you were a Club 57 member or a fan add your name, experience, and feeling, on this page. You can do it for your own satisfaction, for your friends and family, or for the large internet audience. I invite you to be part of New York history! I want to feel your soul, heart, and mind.

“What have I to do in New York?”


“New York asked me to pose nicely for the camera. I asked New York for sex, drugs, and rock and roll”

Legal Documents Club 57’s opening predates these documents, these documents were created for many reasons


Ann Magnuson 


2nd Manager at 57 St. Mark’s Place

Andy Rees 


3rd Manager at 57 St. Mark’s Place

Ira Abramowitz 


4th Manager at 57 St. Mark’s Place

Stanley Strychacki


Founder, Director, &

Rock Concert Promoter

Chris Gremski


1st Manager at 57 St. Mark’s Place,

Irving Plaza Manager, & Rock Concert Promoter

Duties of Managers pg. 1

Tom Scully 


 Founder of Monster Movie Club & DJ at Irving Plaza

John Richard Turski 


Hall manager at Irving Plaza

Susan Hannaford  


Cofounder of Monster Movie Club,

Assistant Director at Irving Plaza

Kathy Gallager 


Art programmer and booking agent at Irving Plaza

Jane Friedman & Louis Tropia


Frontier Booking International (F.B.I) 


Outside booking agent for Club 57 production at Irving Plaza 


Duties of Managers pg. 2

Kai Eric


Active member and

manager for short time

Dany Johnson 


DJ at Club 57 St. Mark’s Place

Danny Kapilian


Stage Manager Irving Plaza

Ian Copeland


Booking agent and New Wave

rock concert promoter

I was looking for adventure and friends; and in creating the New Wave World of Club 57, I give the largest credit to the American youth.  

                                                         -from “Life as Art” pg. 19

Helena Lembryck


The quiet lady, official sponsor and cofounder of Club 57 & cofounder of Christmas Tree foundation in Gdansk


Her name is written next to the Statue of Liberty, plate #427

Bishop John Jakubik 




of Club 57

Club 57 Objects

Club Stamps

attendance clicker

Sound level meter


Mrs. Helena Lembryck with Club 57 fans

Five minutes ago Ms. Helena opened the door for them. Why did she do it? What did they tell her?

“The New York Niggers”

The [New York Niggers] were a nice bunch of blacks from various parts of the city. I became good friends with them, especially with the leader Leo Faison. They wrote their name all over the club, and soon after, a good friend of mine, an English teacher who worked at the church, came into the club very upset.  “I don’t believe what I saw at the club! …Did you see what they wrote on the walls?”

    I didn’t laugh; it was a delicate problem. The teacher was African American and he didn’t know the band. I explained to him the irony that was an integral part of the punk movement, and finally we relaxed.” - Life as Art pg. 30

The Village Voice

Country Swing at Club 57

Kai Eric’s Band -

The Club 57 House Band

“On Wednesday, February 8, 1978, four punk bands ‘stormed’ my East Village Student Club and changed its name to Club 57.”



More music in Irving Plaza section


“It was a great time Stanely. I remember when I was just dreaming and conceptualizing the series, wanting to show the beginnings of rock n’ roll. Then I saw you at the door of Club 57 and I said to myself, ‘Will I be doing my films here?’ And you just said, ‘It’s the right place for you. You’ve got every Monday.’ ”

- Gary Balaban of Cine Noir Productions  - Life as Art pg. 25

Gary Balaban

Club 57 Newsletter, Invention of Andy Rees

When I was young, there were no TVs, computers, or cellphones. I grew up with films, especially Hollywood films. It formed my imagination and made Fred Astaire and Donald Duck my idols. But now, I believe that reading books is the best way to view films, as written words are constructed by the readers inside their minds. And I read a lot, but in my youth, it was hard to ignore the movies Hollywood was making, they were wonderful.  - Stanley Strychacki

More Films found in Monster Movie Club section

I did not put any pictures in my book, this way you have to push your mind to become the producer of your imagined film.  


Good Luck!??¡¡¡!!!?





Club 57 Gold Eagle - Award Nominees 


(in no order) 


1) Friday July 14, 1978 for the band The Invaders for helping Club 57’s Founder for opening Club 57 production at Irving Plaza.


2) Steve Roxon leader of the band “the Tears” for giving the name Club 57, for opening the Club with a rock concert on February 8, 1978.


3) Chris Gremski, as manager of Club 57 St. Mark’s Place who established its programs with great spirit of the American youth society, with music, film, and shows. Also, as manager and rock promoter for Club 57 production at Irving Plaza. And lastly, as a Polish patriot and member of the Solidarity Movement, which changed Europe and the world.

4) Ann Magnuson, long time Club 57 St. Mark’s Place manager and the most creative person, who developed her own style programs and put her energies and talents to create unique Pop Art programs, while building a social center for different artists in New York.


5) Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman, for participating in the creation of shows with lyrics and music, who brought many artists to the club. They are Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and multi-nominated Oscar artists. Thank you Marc and Scott.


6) Kenny Scharf, long time active member, Pop Art painter who created his own style of Pop Art that put his work in museums around the world.


7) Susan Hannaford & Tom Scully for participating in the creation of the Golden Years of Club 57, and for founding the Monster Movie Club. For Susan, for being the best Assistant Director at Club 57, and Tom for being a great DJ at Irving Plaza.


8) Robert Carrithers, what is there left to say about the best photographer and historian of Club 57?


9) The Museum of Modern Art, for recognizing Club 57 as a Great story, of the Great American Youth, in Great New York City.  


In Memoriam 


Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, who as painters created their own style of Pop Art, which are held in museums around the world.


John Sex-McLaughlin, for being a Club 57 active member, performer, sex symbol, and everyone’s best friend.

Plays & Shows

Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman

Grammy, Emmy, Tony winning, and multi-Oscar nominated

Plays Performed at Club 57:



On Above Broadway


Bad Seed


Kennedy’s Children


The Tooth of Crime


Taxi Cabaret


The Sound of Music




Cowboy Mouth


Club 57 Goes to the Catskills


Livin Dolls


Trilogy of Terror

“…to quote Dr. W. Dyer in his book, Your Erraneous Zones, ‘If you are shocked or horrified, then it’s your problem.’”

-Life as Art pg.23

Probably the most important point is that every employee of Club 57 keeps a friendly atmopshere of the highest possible level. - Duties of Manager, point 22

Here, heartless, spiritless, throng skeletons in sorry plight!

Youth, give me wings, that I may rise

Above this dead world, curs’t and bare

Into the realm of dreams and light

For ardor brings forth marvels there

Strews each new dream with blossoms rare

And dresses each in golden hoPe’s fair guise. 

- Adam Mickiewicz, Life as Art pg. 40

Poetry is the mother of action, art, and inspirition for the best brains in human history. - Life as Art pg.5

You are the Beautiful Flower

In the garden of my heart

You are the  Sweet Angel

In the Heaven of my Dreams

You are the  Song of my Soul

and the  Smile of my Life.

Happy the people

With whom you are

I was waiting for you

My whole life

And I always will

Because your eyes made you

My Joy and my Dream.

Life as Art - pg 168

Tonight the bells of St. Stan pull me to the Anseo club; tonight the poet Anna Frajlich was reciting her poems. Her expressions, her lyric phrases were going to my imagination especially this one:


“Beautiful is my mother,

Every Spring more beautiful…” 

-Life as Art pg. 5-6

Looks like Stanley fell in love again, this time with a koala.


July 27th, 1978: The old St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery is burning. The St. Mark’s Church was a sanctuary for many young artists, especially the poets. During the years it took to rebuild it, the poets lost their homes. So they arrived at Club 57 to meet and hold readings.”

- Life as Art pg. 59


So I decide to put on a shirt and tie. I don’t feel good in it anymore. But my Mom says, “It’s OK  Stan. You look a little like a mannequin from a  Saks deparmtent store window.”

-Life as Art, pg. 67

From Ann Magnuson

From Tom Scully

The Red Rose from Andy Rees

From John Sex

List of Gifts

1) Picture of horses from Susan Hannaford


2) The book of artistic photographs from Ann Magnuson


3) Antique ink pen from Jeffrey Geiger


4) Two small dinosaurs from Kenny Scharf


5) Club 57 button from Keith Haring


6) A few Father’s Day cards from: Ann Magnuson, Susan Hannaford, John Sex, Tom Scully


7) Red rose from Andy Rees


8) Hugs and kisses. I don’t remember, maybe from you.

Keith Haring

Kenny Scharf

Jean-Michel Basquiat

No Comment! For Smart People Only!



Stanley: “As everybody agrees Ann Magnuson does her job very well,

and especially with creating these beautiful calendars.  I wish we could give her

something for it.”  

Susan: There is NO MONEY! We could give her the Golden Eagle Award, but the frame costs $2.

Chris: No problem, I saw in China Town a frame for 0.99¢

Stanley: Hmmmmm…. Because we have a problem with the frame we are going to give her an award in 2017.

Can you check if there is anyone eavesdropping behind that door???

Top Secret Executive Meeting

Laboratory, Events, & Parties

Stanley’s Philosophy on Religion

2010 card

Ann Magnuson

Club 57 Participants & Members

D.E. Abraham, Ira Abramowitz, Kathy Acker, John Ahearn, Charlie Ahearn, John Ahearn, Lisa Altomare, Shawn “Ammo” McQuate, Stuart Arbright, Scott Baker, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Stiv Bators, Coby Batty, Jerry Beck, Tracey Berg, Anne de Bethune, Jello Biafra, Craig Binder, Bruce Birnbaum, Johnny Blitz, Max Bloom, Kelly Bolton, Graham Bonnet, Kathy Bonomi,D. Perry Brandston, Rod Broadway, Tracy Brod, Kitty Brophy, James Brown, Steve Brown, Cindy Bullens, JohnBurch, Steve Buscemi, Jean Caffeine, Lenny Calderone,John Cale, Denise Calensky, Paul Campbell, Shaun Cassette, Tseng Kwong Chi, Cheetah Chrome, Tessie Chua, Brian Clark, Maura Cliford, Mike Colasuonno, Phillip Collins, Kathy Cooke, Suzan Cooper, Ian Copeland, Mitch Corber, Oded Cormi, Scott Covert, Robin L. Crutchfield, Pat d’Aguanno, L.B. Dallas, Mark Daponte ,Michael W. Daring, George Darrow, Kim Davis, Lenny Dean, Kim Depole, Daria Deshuk, Al Diaz, Vivien Dick, J.P. Dougherty, Lenny “Iolsta Hat” Ducati, Dana Duequet, Katherine Dunas, Gordon Edelstein, Ethyl Eichelberger, Stacey Elkin, Sheba Emerson, Andrew Emerson, John Garrett Epperson Jr., Kai Eric, Leo “The Pope” Faison, Danny Farr, Lauren Feiner, Gary Feldman, Mike Fenner, Lou “Louis Tooloose” Ferreiro, Anton Fier, Harley Flanagan, Walter Fleming III, Cly Fowkes, Phyllis Fredendall, Jane Friedman, Kathy Gallager, Bill Gallo, Yolanda Garcia, Pablo Garcia, David Garvin, Jeffrey Geiger,Cary Gevanter, Terry “T” Gilbert, Stan Gilbert, Jerry Glassman, Fred Goehner, Harvey Goetz, Arlene Gold, Gary Goldstein, David Good, Paul Gordon, Trevor Gordon, Rodney Greenblat, Chris Gremski, Sturgis Griffin, Marge Gross, George Haas, Jon Hagen, Larry Haggard, Janet Hamill, Susan “Morticia” Hannaford, Terri Hardin, Keith Haring, Chris Harkin, Michael Harrington, Elliot “Aid Haid” Harris, Billy Harris, Jean Harte, Jason Harvey, Tony Heiberg, Mark Heidrich, Bill Hennesy, John Heys, Annie “Lady Bug” Hickman, Beverly Hills, Kristian Hoffman, Frank Holliday, Joe Holmstrom, Gregory Homs, Akua Lezli Hope, Kerrigan Horgan, Alexa Hunter, Duncan Hutchison, Pat Irwin, Dominique Isla, John T. Jakubik, Sam Joe, Dany Johnson, Horace Johnson, Christian Joiris, Needles Jones, M. Henry Jones, Katy K, Julie Kaleniak, Elizabeth Kalinak, Danny Kapilian, Susan Karnet, Ira Kemp, Laura Kennedy, Laura Kenyon, Kevin Kiely, David Klein, Chris Kraus, Linda Krauss, Rick Krent, Steven Kunz, Peter Kwaloft, Michael Lally, William Landis, Paul Laroid, Leslie Larue, Dennis Lee, George Leifer, Helena Lembryck, Rose Lesniak, Laura Levine, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Joe Lewis, Eric Li, Diana Lilug, Pilar Limosner, Miriam Linna, Gerald Little, Rick Little, Richard Lloyd, Christina Logan, Wally Logic, Esther Louise, Lydia Lunch, John Lurie, Agosto Machado, Patrick Mack, Jeff Magnum, Ann Magnuson, Patrick Mangini, Nick Marden, Lou Marino, Frank Maya, David Walter McDermott III, Benjamin McFall, Jasper McGruder, Mary McHugh, R. McKoy, Doug McLennan, Peggy McNaughton, Martin McQuade, Steve Mehlman, Larry Meltzer, Denise Mercedes, Eugene Merinov, Kim Michaud, Allison Michaud, Billy Miller, Jan Mohlan, Keith Moline, Milton Montalvo, Lori Montana, Haoui Montaug, John Monteleone, Jon Moore, Ada Moreno, Natalya Mougard, Dan Mullen, Frank Murphy, John Murray, Tom Murrin, Michael Musto, James Nares, Mark Nasdor, Judy Nazemetz, Steven Nelson, Sharon Niesp, Cindy Niven, Kawika Noh, Klaus Nomi, Deb O’Nair, Thomas Oakman, Tom Otterness, April Palmieri, Lisa Passaro, Michael Paumgardhen, Cara Pearlman, Marc Penko, Michael Peppe, Carol Pernelli, Darrell Perry, Valorie Petrak, Anya Phillips, John Piccarella, Kate Pierson, Allen Planz, Carol Porter, Henry Post, Rene Poule, Marek Pukalski, Pulsama, Jeanne Quinn, Jonathan Quinn, Jene Rasenberger, Zora Rasmuesen, Andy Rees, Naomi Regelson, Esther Regelson, Pete Reperata, Ralph Richardson, Sr.,Angel Rivera, Abbi Robbins, Ebet Roberts, Marie-Antoinette Rogers, Bob Romanoli, Victor Rosa, Carmen Rosario, Trix Rosen, Sherry Rosso, Anne Roubideaux, Frank Rubino, Dieter “Detour” Runge, Jim Ryan, Mitch Ryder, Bill Sacks, Sara Salir, Bruce Sandy, L.A. Sank, John Savas, Robin Schanzenbach, Kim Schapich, Kenny Scharf, Mark Scherman, Bruno Schmidt, Fred Schneider, Vicky Schrott, Andy Schwarts, Anthony Scibelli, Jim Sclavunos, George Scott, George Scott III, Tom “Gomez” Scully, Michael Selbach, John “Sex” McLaughlin, Marc Shaiman, Johnathan Shipman, Bill Shor, Jim Short, Ryan Silveira, Artie Simmons, Martin “Mattus” Simons, Tom Simpson, Robert Smith, Lindee Smyth, Mark Spirito, Elfi Spring, Bella Stander, Tammi Steve, Mike Stowe, James A. Straub, Terry Strecker, Dave Street, Keith Streng, Keith Strickland, Stanley Strychacki, Reena Taft, Jim Taibi, Denis Tammaro, Alice Taylor, The Tears, Otis Telson, Michele Temple, Chuck Tennis, Andrew Terner, David Thomas, Min Thometz, Zeborah Tidwell ,Louis Tropia, John Richard Turski, Rainer Uebersezig, Cathy Underhill, Veronica Veiss, Coco Vgaz, Dan Vitale, Richard Vitto, Joe Voitko, Chuck Wachtel, Paul Wagner, Harvey Wang, Geddi Watanabe, David Watkins, Joe Wdowiak, Josh Whalen, Robert Wheeler, James White, Wendy Whitman, Wendy “Wild” Andreiev, John Williams, Lloyd Williams, Allen Williamson, Cindy Wilson, Ricky Wilson, Barbara Wilson, George F. Wise, Ski Wisniewski, Scott Wittman, Russell Wolinski, Holly Woodlawn, Ed Woodward, David Worley, Bonnie Young, Kristine Young, Joe Zaidman, Debra Zalkind, Peter Zeremba, Jimmy Zero, Meczyslaw Zielinski, Paul Zone The Museum of Modern Art

Sophie Cavoulacos, Dessane Cassell, Ron Magliozzi (MoMA), Ryan Silveira, 5,700


If your name is not included, email theclub57story@gmail.com

Monster Movie Club

It was two weeks to Halloween, 1980, when Tom Scully gave the following speech: “Dear monsters: in two weeks our club is organizing a party in a real cemetary in Manhattan.” Two weeks later… everyone gathered at the cemetery gate. Clever Susan had gotten a permit and key from the city.”  

-Life as Art pg. 53-54

Only these two angels know the secret of why they created Monster Movie Club, you can ask them, but they escaped to Berlin

Two of Stanley’s best friends, Susan and Tom, on their trip to

West Point to study American History.

May 1979

The Great Halloween party of Club 57 at Irving Plaza, 1980. Irving Plaza was the perfect venue. ..At midnight the lights went off and a thrill went through the crowd. The Misfits started playing monster music and 500 black and white balloons drifted down. The crowd went crazy. Which was just what Tom and Susan wanted. - Life as Art pg. 55-56

Club 57

The Home of Frienship and art


Stanley and Susan Hannaford




36 Years Later

Archive Puzzle

Guess how many times  flowers Were Given during Club life?

First was given to Lady Bug, then the red rose from Andy Rees on Father’s Day, and lastly the bouquet given to Ann Magnuson for her performance at Lincoln Center


Sometimes people were waiting many hours for the show. We tried to be nice, Susan and John would give free t-shirts to those standing in line.


This shirt is for Stanley only


Stanley to George Laraque from the Invaders:

“I kindly invite you to participate in the opening of a new place at Irving Plaza, Seventeen Irving Place. I want to ‘invade’ this place with you O.K.?” - Life as Art pg. 40

“Where is the mONey?

Susan Hannaford: “The Money is with me, because it is under my control, I packed it in the bag.”

Taking the bag with her to John Richard Turski’s car, a guard followed, armed with a gun. Then they drove to Stanley’s Apartment at 119 St Mark’s place. And John was there checking all the stairways to see if anyone was Lingering.

“I was scared.”

Finally, Arriving at Stanley’s apartment, it was well fortified. The window was thick plastic glass like that found at a bank, and the door had an exra iron bar lock. “Goodbye my money, that’s all I know.”


-Susan Hannaford, from her future book written in Berlin.

by Kid Creole and the Coconuts.

- Life as Art pg.157

“We have a new

heaven -Club 57,”

“If you like to dance to rock music, a good place to be tonight is Club 57 at Irving Plaza”

- The New York Times, Life as Art pg. 154

“Club 57 is one of the best rock n’ roll theaters in the world.”    -AMERICANA, The Datsun Student Travel Guide,  Life as Art pg. 155

Newspapers, Contracts, Posters

Conversation between Chris Gremski and Stanley Strychacki: 

“Stanley, what did you say when you said goodbye to  James Brown?”

“Nothing, I just gave him a smile and a hug.”  

“Because he told me that he wants to play for

Club 57 again.”

Soon the bands couldn’t all fit in the little basement. And that’s when we started Club 57 at Irving Plaza productions. Then problems started to come to us. The wars with the church board, the owner of Irving Plaza, the neighbors, the police, the Criminal Court, “Noise!” Perverts!” “Junkies!” “Free Thinkers!” “Free Lovers!” And so on.

- Life as Art, pg. 20


This picture is upside down because it has nothing to do with Club 57


“Do you remember the story of ‘Phryne before the Areopagus’ in 435 B.C. in ancient Greece? or Lady

Godiva in England who rode horseback naked? Then

you remember me! on stage at Club 57 Irving Plaza in New York with Mitch Ryder.

Of course I was trying to impress my friends and you. Someday I will tell you my name.”

Tom Scully: At the end of the show, I have to say goodnight everybody! and play the song of Frank Sinatra “New York, New York.” Stanley’s beloved city.

New Wave Vaudeville

+ Klaus Nomi

“Klaus’s trump cards were his voice (which spanned serveral octaves), and his unusal personality, appearance, and sense of style.”

- Life as Art pg.46

New Wave Vaudevillle was the invention of three energetic young people; Tom Scully, Susan Hannaford, and Ann Magnuson. The three searched the city for talent. What they found was a Pandora’s Box of performing artists. 

-Life as Art pg. 44


-Life as Art pg. 125

The Beautiful Girl

Right now the Beautiful Girl is at the corner of St. Mark’s and First… Her eyes are wide open and shining, sad and serious. What is she doing? Why is she always on the street?


“Do you have any spare change?”


I open the shopping bag and say, “Take what you want.”

She gives me a strange look and walks off… A meal she can get anywhere, but she needs money for a needle and powder. 

-Life is Art, pg. 128

The phone rings. It’s Terry, my kid. I don’t know how I chose him from so many others to be part of my personal life… What talent he has, what an ear for music!


Terry visits me often. Sometimes he locks himself in the bathroom for what seems like a long time… Once by mistake he left his Pandora’s box behind, and I took a look inside. Terry was taking heroin. -Life as Art, pg. 128

What was in Terry’s brain all night when he was making me a paper cross box? 


He gave it to me the next day as an apology for using drugs, and for our difficult relationship.

His family and friends suffered, America suffered.

One of the final essays in [Life as Art]—“The Beautiful Girl"--strikingly illustrates how drugs robbed this scene of much of its energy. While the titular "beautiful girl" is likely a composite character, each of us who lived through this era will be sure that we know exactly who she is. There were many beautiful girls--and their descent into addiction and death is emblematic of the era as a whole.


I was there. This stuff really happened. Thanks for  

telling your story, Stanley. -Raf, Amazon.com

How about AIDS? My heart is torn, I cannot write about it anymore. Lets go to another chapter.

Life is a great adventure, with participation in the creation of a better world.

Life is searching for wisdom, love and truth.

The truth stands on four bases: Science, Nature, Common Sense, and Love.

Life is priceless time. Don’t waste any minute of it. Life as Art

Friends Forever

6 Years Later

10 Years Later

30 Years Later

35 Years Later

Parts of this message have been marked with blue spots to keep the information classified


Here is my “new kid on the block.” Kaixuan Chen, that I sponsor. Fighting with me all the time, but I like him anyway. Studying philosophy, I call him Confucius #2.

Perhaps, you would like to meet my wife Grace?

The owner of the Eastern Express Group Co.

Looks like Stanley has a new girlfriend, is he a pervert? If so, don’t tell anyone.

East Village picture from Avenue C & 8th Street

mural art

Dr. Robert Jelinski in front of the old furniture tower, at the corner of Avenue B & 6th Street

Dr. Robert Jelinki, leader of the Family Foundation and the Christmas Tree Foundation

Stanley is putting a candle for Mother Teresa and Princess Diana. Corner of 14th St &

Avenue A

The iron gate on First Avenue and Fifth Street

Archive Puzzle

How many crosses were in the

story of the Club?

The stone cross that sat atop the Club’s building, and now “Gone with the Wind;” the wooden cross thrown onstage at Irving Plaza in the exact same spot where Pope John Paul II stood as Cardinal many years ago; the small iron cross given by Terry with invisible tears and sorrow.

That’s how it was. Ok!?

I wrote three books, maybe I will finish my fourth book, “Music from Heaven.”

Maybe you don’t read Polish, but now is a great time to learn. You can go to Polish school in Greenpoint and don’t worry I will pay for you!

To translate the story below, it mentions Stanley’s Christmas Foundation, where in addition to providing a town Christmas tree for holiday celebrations, he supports 100 orphan children, funding it every year in his hometown of Gdansk. “You do not have to donate to the foundation, but I ask you to BUY SMILES FROM HEAVEN.” If you want to send money, send to the following:




IBAN: PL02 1440 1097 0000 0000 0110 7593

SWIFT CODE(Bank Identifcation Code): NDEAPLP2

Gdynia 81-303

I hope that’s enough for you…


Impressions from East Village

The End? But…

On Friday November 13, 2015 5:00PM four distinguished visitors from MoMA invaded my apartment in the East Village (but with no guns and no masks). Ron Magliozzi, Sophie Cavoulacos, Ryan Silveira, and Dessane Cassell, Came to check on I, the mystery man Stanley, to found out how’s my Chinese.

I told them

I gave them Club 57 membership cards, and wrapped them in hugs. But they warned me, they would come again.

Anybody help?

Ryan Silveira

Web Design Artist

This website started at MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art), as “Little pieces of Club 57 scattered across the floor,” and metamorphosed into an amalgam: structured as chapters, artifacts, community, history, biography, and general spiritedness of all things Club 57.  Stanley’s only request was that the website bring “color, life, and smiles to the archive.”


This ad hoc approach is innately informed by Stanley’s seminal experiences with the youth of Club 57. And from the very nature of creating a space that intermingled weekly:  painters, poets, politicians, performers, photographers, fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians, monsters, punk rockers, cartoonists, critics, anarchists, Catholics, bartenders, gender benders, audience members, and the like, culminating into slices from all aspects of life.

Although making art for the web is a bit like building in the sand, it is Stanley’s hope that this website live on forever, as a monument/memorial to him, and to the formative Club that shaped so much of his life, and the lives of those connected.


Stanley often referred me as the 5th, and perhaps final manager of Club 57, helping to share much of these moments, as he, the father and founder, has been doing for so many years.

Ryan Silveira, Stanley Strychacki, & Buddha  

on the balcony of Stanley’s East Village apartment

April 21, 2016 3:32pm

The images on this website were culled together in the free assembly of Club 57's collage and collective. While making artistic decisions, the director and founder, Stanley Strychacki, was drawn to images that he believed embodied the spirit of the Club, and illustrated his memories best.

Great efforts were made to give credit, and request permission when possible.

With this in mind, Club 57 St. Mark’s Place would like to acknowledge the following people and organizations for their contributions:

(in no particular order)



The New York Rocker, The New York Times, The Village Voice, Soho News, East Village Eye, The Museum of Modern Art, Holy Cross Parish, The Andy Warhol Estate, Dazed Magazine, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, The Walt Disney Company, Wolfgang’s Vault



Robert Carrithers, Kenny Scharf, Ann Magnuson, Harvey Wang, Susan Hannaford, John Harris, Andy Rees, Tom Scully, Kai Eric, Dany Johnson, Marc Shaiman, Scott Wittman, Gary Balaban, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Pulsallama, the NY Niggers, Terry, Drew Straub, Katy K, April Palmeri, Ira Abramowitz, John “Sex” McLaughlin, Lisa Baumgarder, Klaus Nomi, Danny Kapilian, Chris Gremski, Kathy Gallager, John Richard Turski, Ivan Dalla Tana


A special thanks to Dessane Cassel and MoMA, who scanned most of the items found in this archive.

If you believe your artistic work is used without credit or permission, please contact theclub57story@gmail.com.

All other graphics were created for, or are part of, Club 57 St. Mark’s Place and Club 57 at Irving Plaza.